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Friday, September 17, 2004

Reasons why I rule


Having recently been forced to start my own blog, it was decided that i had to assert why I rule as my first post. So here goes...

Reasons why I rule:

  1. I'm blonde (at the moment)

  2. I'm a female Computing Scientist

  3. I know Matt Gemmell (although whether i rule because of this is debatable, matt assures me it does)

  4. Because i only got 14% on the geek test!!!

  5. I'm getting an iPod!

  6. I listen to Thin Lizzy, The Darkness and Van Halen

  7. I also listen to Busted and McFly (this is possibly more important)

  8. I am a huge Portugal football team fan

  9. All the student placement folk at Uni vividly remember "White Top Night"

  10. And indeed "Denim Skirt Night"

  11. Because I don't normally sound this up myself...

Well it has taken me an extremely long time to come up with these few reasons why I rule and in doing so create my first ever blog post, so I may just give up for now.

Night folks, have fun...


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