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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Final Post

As many of you will already know, I have a brand spanking new WordPress Blog, which my Mattness bought me. Which is very nice, although a colour scheme change maybe in order....

Anyway from now on, updates on my life, love and geekery will be over on www.laurendempster.com, hope to see you all there and leave comments

Lauren xxx

Saturday, March 05, 2005

There's a light at the end of the tunnel

After the past few weeks of assignments hell, I finally have a (relatively) quiet weekend, so I only got to the lab today at 2.45pm.... I realise that I have been fairly quiet on the blogging front for the past couple of months unless talking about Busted or McFly. I think (gently prodded by Matt) that I should get back to talking about how things are going with my life.

Plenty has been going on with me at the moment, most of course involving late nights in the Boyd Orr. However all that stuff is boring and since everyone is under stress why should I complain? The fact is that I am happier now than I ever have been (and no this isn't because I have finally become the world's biggest geek and actually enjoy spending 90% of my life hacking together code... well it's not that entirely ;) ).

I went through a brief spell this week when I was really down on myself and believing that I couldn't do anything. I felt that I was letting everything slip away from me that I really cared about: Matt, my friends and my degree. What I realised with a little help from Matt was that things really aren't as bad as I think, so here is my list of reasons to be happy.

I am happy because for once I know what I want from my life and I can see me getting it.
I am happy because I know I can do my degree, even if my classmates don't argree with me.
I am happy because I am in love, with someone who loves me. ("The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." Ewan McGregor, Moulin Rouge)
I am happy because I have friends who understand me, who are there for me when I need them.
I am happy because I always have the comic relief of Matt, even when he doesn't intend to be funny at all.

I have plenty more to be happy about, but in the interest of not boring everyone and getting on with my project work, I'll sign off for now with one more thing. Try to remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to be positive enough to see the first glimmer... here's to the Easter holidays...


Saturday, February 05, 2005

Retracting a previous statement...

On the 13th of January 2005 I posted Busted Are Broken. Due to the upsetting nature of the day some statements I made in haste, without knowing the full extent of what my actions would mean. Having realised recently the terrible mistake I have made I would like to retract the following statement:

"now instead of having just Busted we will very soon have Charlie's new band FightStar... So the music world really is a better place, and I can't wait."

This change of opinion is due to FightStar's performance of "Palahniuk's Laughter" last night on the Friday Night Project, Channel 4 (answers on how to pronounce Palahniuk, in comments please). I would like it to be noted that this was the first time I had ever heard their particular style of "music" and do NOT wish to be linked in anyway to the rise (or more probably fall into obscurity) of Fightstar.

The world of music is not now a better place, they were terrible. I can't put it better than my sister did last night in a text message:

"Dear god fightstar BLOW! charlie split up busted 4 THAT?"

You may not believe it is true, but you really are going to wish Busted never broke up if the teenie boppers back Fightstar....


Thursday, January 13, 2005

Busted are broken...

A sad day for all, I am sure.

I am wearing my Busted t-shirt today as a reminder to everyone that thinks the world of music is now probably a better place.

Just think that now instead of having just Busted we will very soon have Charlie's new band FightStar. Then of course James will probably continue writing with McFly and then there is Mattie (god knows what he will do)... maybe he'll have a solo career. So instead of one band, you now have three!!! You know if they do a Destiny's Child they may well continue on again in a year or two and then there will be 4 Busted type bands...!!!!!

So the music world really is a better place, and I can't wait.

Feel free to slag me for this, I am aware that I probably deserve it.


Saturday, January 08, 2005

A Captive of the Elements

I hate rain and I hate wind too. I hate them both, a lot. At the moment they are keeping me captive in Dumfries (plus technically in the house cause it would make my hair go all frizzy).

I tried to leave Dumfries this morning but after a short drive up the A701 ended in huge tailbacks (I'm assuming it was due to a fallen tree), the decision was made to turn back.

On a slight aside note there was a car which on trying to do a 3-point turn had ended up in a ditch and couldn't get back out. God it was funny. I would like to point out that the driver was not a woman, but a man, before people make the "obvious" assumption.

So here I am back in the house with nothing to do apart from chat to Matt on MSN (who I think is trying to work, and I am just a distraction), annoy my little sister (who is trying to re-read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and so I'm not exactly a welcome distraction) and play Chip's Challenge which I downloaded today for the very purpose I had nothing else to do. Got on to level 27, so far.

Anyway back to Uni soon after a complete break from all things Comp Sci, god I needed that....


Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Matt Gemmell Personality Disorder

Defintion: (Sometimes shortened to M.G.P.D.) This is a disorder which causes the suffer to become completely obsessed with the sound of their own name. They will use it at every available opportunity, even if irrelevant.

Symptoms: Narrates all of their activities in a dramatic voice. e.g. "Another day, another climactic confrontation with the forces of evil; what Matt Gemmell was born for, baby."


This all leads from a conversation I had with Matt the other day. He IS in love with his own name.

However I wouldn't change anything about him, even if he does suffer from MGPD. :)


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

An Update

Heya folks,

So it's coming up to the end of the term and my workload is finally starting to slack off a bit, only got one assignment for Friday and the fantabulous C Course with Ron Poet for the rest of the week. I got extremely stressed last week with my PSD team, talk about cutting things close to the deadline...

By popular demand I feel I must blog about last Tuesday (by popular I mean my sister emailed me two days ago saying she was offended I hadn't posted about the Busted concert) it was fantastic, so much better than I thought it would have been. They played all the classics and I was totally hyper from the moment I got there (which is weird considering the meal we had before I went), even to the point where Lis and I were up and dancing during the adverts shown on the screens! A good night, all live, all good.

Thanks again, to the best little sister in the world, for that. Would also like to thank everyone who turned up for my birthday was an especially good night.

Nothing of note has really happened, lack of disasters in my love life (I suppose if that counts as something rather than the lack of), which almost everyone I know will think rather strange but for the last (almost) two months has become something of normality for me.

I don't think any of this makes much sense but my head is completely blocked up with the cold, and although I had 8 hours sleep I feel so drained and I have only been up for 2 hours this morning.

Anyway have fun folks, sorry for the ramble,