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Sunday, November 28, 2004

The dying days of my teens, so time to PARTY

So this is it I have 4 more whole days of my teens left, what am I doing? I should be out partying, drinking away my last days. I am in fact in the 3rd year lab after 10 on a Sunday night...

Some may say Hardcore, I just say sad. I love this course and most of the folk on it, but god does it take your life away from you...

I feel that by working hard and doing my best I am providing for my future, it's just that what I seem to have forgotten for now, is that Uni is meant to be some of the best days of your life. Why should I spend all my time locked up in the Boyd Orr building, with my 24 hour access fob?

Then again, is it worth wasting the chance of a good degree for a couple of nights out in the Unions getting plastered??? I'm just not sure anymore... The extreme tiredness and the fact that I never seem to be getting anywhere with all the work I am supposed to be doing is starting to get to me.

I suppose the only choice is to have at least one big night out before the end of term, and what better night than Friday the 3rd of December- my 20th!!! (God I feel old). So since the death of the Shack I will be partying my hardest on Friday night in the QM/GU, possibly both (though not at the same time - obviously) and EVERYONE IS INVITED bring whoever you choose (as many folk as poss), get dressed up and party!!!!! (More details of times and Venues will be posted at a later date) Cause lets face it we all need a big night out, I know I certainly do.


"Scottish Country Garden" and Deep Fried Mars Bars- The DARKNESS hit Glasgow

The night which I had been looking forward to for some months now did not
disappoint - at all.

It was fantastic, from start to finish the concert showed unbelievably exactly how music should be played live. From the overly camp spandex jumpsuits Justin wore, to the fireworks, to the fake tiger suspended above the crowd with Justin astride playing "Love On The Rocks", to everything else. It was a magnificent show.

Great music, the sort of stuff you just can't help playing air guitar along to, although only the hardcore play air guitar with their umbrella (no prizes for guessing who). The crowd went wild for what Justin referred to as their "smash hits": "I Believe In A Thing Called Love", "Growing On Me" and "Get Your Hands Off Of My Woman".

To explain the title of this post, one of the songs they played was "English Country Garden" to which Justin changed most of the lyrics (so basically just when he remembered) to "Scottish Country Garden" which went down especially well with the fans, and the Deep Fried Mars Bars? According to Justin the first arena they played was Nottingham, famous for Sherwood Forest and other things, he said Glasgow, was famous for... Deep frying confectionary. Ah well, he may wear tartan and change English to Scottish in a song, but the dude is still English...

A concert off the back of one Album and one extra Christmas song, could be seen to some as a longshot, but with the sort of show the Darkness put on, even if they never release another album, they'll be touring for many years to come. I would suggest you go and see them, cause lets face it, no other recent band quite like them.

I've been to see three concerts now: McFly, the Stereophonics and now the Darkness, thankfully they have all been fantastic, in different ways I suppose. McFly were just great teen pop, four good looking guys three of which with guitars- what more could a girl ask for? The Stereophonics, classic songs and just a good night all round, the Darkness? Well as you may of guessed I thought they were fantastic. Sorry if this post sort of rambles....

So here's one dudelet who believes in a thing called love in more ways than one... :) Thanks to Matt and to The Darkness for that....


Saturday, November 27, 2004

The day "8 nights a week" of partying died....


I know every person in Glasgow is probably blogging about the complete and utter tragedy that befell our beloved Student Nightclub the SHACK, but I feel I must also do the same.

The Shack may have been an utter cheese-fest but I loved it anyway. I have had many fantastic nights on the dancefloor in the Shack grooving away to Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Beyonce, (their mix of "Like I Love You" and "Billie Jean" was fantastic).

The Shack was a damn good night out if you were in the right mood and I wish I just had one last night of dancing there, but alas "the best place in town" is no more.

The Glasgow nightlife will never be the same again...


Thursday, November 25, 2004

Virtual Dating

Colin was playing Pool on the net today on a multiplayer game. The "girl" he was playing with at the time started "chatting" to him. ASL and all that stuff, before starting to say things such as
"I want to cane you" and "If you had MSN I would show you my tits"

A classy chick all round I would say.

She then progressed to say
"I knew you had MSN you dirty little pervert, I'm not showing you my tits."

Needless to say we gave her someone else's hotmail account name....


A bit of a blonde moment...

Heyo folks,

Another Thursday of "great" lectures AP3, PSD {Philly G stylee} and ALGS3 {Muffy is BACK}. The only highlights are falling asleep in AP3, Phil's "pop" quiz and the fact that the guys got really interested in Computation when Muffy bent over to pick someones pen up...

However the main highlight (although possibly best described as major embarrassment) was in the PSD workshop. Phil started by going over the answers to this mornings "pop" quiz. By question three I was sufficiently depressed by the fact that I knew nothing and had rested my head on one hand. I suppose to the now legendary Philly G it may have looked like I was trying to answer his question - I wasn't. Queue him pointing at me, and me thinking it was probably someone else and looking behind me, to get my attention he goes:
"You with the lovely straw coloured hair"
The whole class erupts into laughter, and then to make everything ten times worse I got the question wrong. Classic.

A great moment but maybe one I wish had happened to someone else.... :)


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

'Tis the season

Now in even saying this I have already broken my own rule, on this (unfortunately now upon us) Season.

I believe whole heartedly that there should be no work up to Christmas until the 4th of December.

    No Christmas Adverts on TV
    No Christmas Decorations in shops
    No Christmas songs in shops/radio/TV/full stop
    No Christmas Shopping

The only possible exceptions to the no Christmas Early rule is Mince Pies (I had my first of the season, on Monday and it was damn good too) and christmas outfit shopping. Girls you know what I mean, you need time to prepare your Christmas wardrobe for cold nights and lots of partying.

Personally I decided when the adverts on TV started this year to not go to any shop that had started the hype this early, so far I can not go to : Woolworths, Argos, Index, Curries (although these are bad all year round), Iceland, Boots (plus the fact that their adverts are especially bad - even for Christmas adverts...), Marks and Spencers and Virgin Megastores.

Now don't get me wrong I love Christmas, but before December it's just plain ridculous.


Tuesday, November 09, 2004


So I think the effects of third year Comp Sci have finally gotten to me, my geek rating has probably sky rocketed (and no I'm not redoing the test to check) a few things over the last couple of days have only proved this to me.

While sitting in the QM this lunch time as usual with Matt, I sort of got thinking about how much we were probably annoying other people. You know there is always that one couple sitting at a table looking "loved up" and I normally have to admit that I hate them. At the moment it seems less of a problem for me - I have no idea why :)

Anyway I mentioned this to Matt and somehow we got on to the conversation about how people may have names for us: like Annoying-Couple-who-sit-in-the-food-factory (my suggestion) and couple.dcs.gla.ac.uk (Matt's non-surprisingly). So we sat there laughing at this (and sorry for any non-CompSci folk reading this I'm sure it's extremely dull and pointless) we thought about how we are TOTALLY the compsci couple (at undergrad level at least) and how we should get t-shirts to celebrate this fact so




matching t-shirts, what do you think?

Lauren xx

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Cat in my Flat

Howdy folks!

Last night the strangest thing happened....

There is this cat that lives in the close of my building, I don't know who it belongs to or who feeds it, but it stays there all the same. It's always been a little scary as it tends to suddenly appear everytime you go to open the main door. It also does this weird sitting outside the door of my flat and staring at me (or whoever seems to be entering or leaving my flat). This has lead me and my flatmate to believe that the cat is possessed and is the devil. It's just weird, ok.

Anyway last night I had the door open to my flat for a little while, it was quite late at night and Lisa (my flatmate) was in bed. I closed the outside door, and got the shock of my life...

Scary possessed Cat was in my flat. God knows how the cat got in without me noticing. Not only was it in my flat but it was in my bedroom. I managed to get it out of there just for it to go into the sitting room. Eventually my incredibly slow brain realised that if i closed all the doors I could shoo it out the front door. After many "come here kitty kitty" and "I'm not going to hurt you" and "why are you in my flat? you pretty little thing". Eventually I resorted to "get the **** out of my flat, you stupid cat". It gave me a look that could kill, turned around and left.

Moral of the story? I don't think there is one, but we all have our own possessed cats sitting outside the door and eventually you just have to tell them to leave you alone.