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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Busted are broken...

A sad day for all, I am sure.

I am wearing my Busted t-shirt today as a reminder to everyone that thinks the world of music is now probably a better place.

Just think that now instead of having just Busted we will very soon have Charlie's new band FightStar. Then of course James will probably continue writing with McFly and then there is Mattie (god knows what he will do)... maybe he'll have a solo career. So instead of one band, you now have three!!! You know if they do a Destiny's Child they may well continue on again in a year or two and then there will be 4 Busted type bands...!!!!!

So the music world really is a better place, and I can't wait.

Feel free to slag me for this, I am aware that I probably deserve it.


Saturday, January 08, 2005

A Captive of the Elements

I hate rain and I hate wind too. I hate them both, a lot. At the moment they are keeping me captive in Dumfries (plus technically in the house cause it would make my hair go all frizzy).

I tried to leave Dumfries this morning but after a short drive up the A701 ended in huge tailbacks (I'm assuming it was due to a fallen tree), the decision was made to turn back.

On a slight aside note there was a car which on trying to do a 3-point turn had ended up in a ditch and couldn't get back out. God it was funny. I would like to point out that the driver was not a woman, but a man, before people make the "obvious" assumption.

So here I am back in the house with nothing to do apart from chat to Matt on MSN (who I think is trying to work, and I am just a distraction), annoy my little sister (who is trying to re-read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and so I'm not exactly a welcome distraction) and play Chip's Challenge which I downloaded today for the very purpose I had nothing else to do. Got on to level 27, so far.

Anyway back to Uni soon after a complete break from all things Comp Sci, god I needed that....