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Monday, September 27, 2004

A Damn Good Concert

Oh baby oh baby,

This has been some night, I thought I liked McFly before but really after tonights concert I'm in love. Not with the guys really, shock horror, but the music man, it ROCKS!!!!!!!

I know you guys will say they are not a real band, but what does that really mean? They write their own songs, play and sing live and sell lots of songs. What more is there?

So their music is popular with young girls and they are fairly attractive guys with lots of hair gel. The music is popular because every second song isn't so depressing it makes you wanna die. Is there not a place in everyones music collection for music that makes you wanna get out of your bed on the bad days and jump around like a loon doing airguitar? Maybe that's just me then.........

Ok what started off as a blog post on a damn good concert I went to tonight has become a huge rant on why Mcfly and, to a now lesser extent, Busted should be given more of a chance. Some of their stuff is damn ace, I dare all of you, every single one to give them a shot.

Good night Glasgow we love you,


Saturday, September 25, 2004

Attack of the Spiders!!

So still in Dumfries and having a fairly decent time chillin' and not doing anything, especially not Java (by the way my back still hurts cause of that damn text book)!

So me and my sister are sitting at home (yes I know another night in, two in a row in fact - don't worry I won't make it too much of a habit) watching Ocean's Eleven - good film by the way, lots of cute guys - and out the corner of my eye is a huge (insert obscenity here, my suggestion starts with f) spider. I don't particularly like spiders, but unlike my sex and hair colour would suggest I didn't scream and jump on top of my chair, no I calmly found a glass and trapped it under it. Now mainly because I am lazy and partly because I was trying to watch George Clooney and Brad Pitt I left the spider under the glass and didn't bother to move it.

However later on I hear a scream as my sister sees another identical (in size at least) spider running across the floor towards me, unable to find the energy to trap this second spider I left it when it ran behind the cabinet.

The best bit by far tonight though was when my sis got up to go to the toilet and not remembering what was in the glass, knocked it over, queue one very slow motion moment with a-Ewan-McGregor-in-Star-Wars-EpisodeI style "Noooooooo!!!" (and if you don't know what I am talking about then I suggest you re-watch the film, or possibly just the main fight scene towards the end). Anyway apart from the very geeky Star Wars quote I'm trying to say the spider escaped. Then there were two.

So all night I have been plagued by these spiders, and every time i feel a draft past my leg I am convinced there is a spider running up it. So with that thought I shall go to bed and try to get some sleep.


Friday, September 24, 2004

Back in Sunny D

Howdy from Dumfries.

So I've had a relatively good day today, but my legs are completely killing me!!! I ended up walking a huge distance today as when I got back to Sunny D (if you have ever been to Dumfries, you'll realise the sarcasm in this statement, if not count yourself lucky) I realised that I had forgotten my keys, what is a girl to do with 2 hours to kill before the rents get home from work?
The answer is easy, shop. Unfortunately I was also carrying round all my stuff for the weekend in a bag, including the very sexy Level 3 Java Course Textbook. Now my back is killing me and it's my own stupid fault for leaving my keys behind - again....
On the plus side I did find an incredible pair of boots on my shopping travels and may go back into town tomorrow to buy them.
Sorry just remembered that most of the people reading this post will be Comp Sci guys, who will be more than likely be bored senseless with the talk of shopping and especially shoes...
Then again maybe the S's may be interested.... (Sorry guys for yet another cheap shot, but it was so damn funny).

Anyway you all have fun, while I am sat at home posting... Oh dear I think i may have just moved up at least 5% on the geek test just for this one night alone.


Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Dawning postponed....

so i felt it time to make another post and to say that ok, so i haven't really sorted my life out just quite yet. Hopefully by this weekend will mean that my life is going to get back to some level of normality, one way or another.

Of course next week i have the added joyness of 3rd CS Honours starting with of course Ron Poet, who i am told is a great lecture and i should have absolutely othing to worry about..... :)And I'm sure that once i'm back at uni everything will be so much clearer I hope.

I'm sorry to say i'm probably not making that much sense, but i have been drinking so forgive me. Will post something slightly more worthwhile soon


Sunday, September 19, 2004

The dawning of a new era.........

For the past couple of days I have sort of been wallowing in the past, feeling extremely sorry for myself and drinking way too much.

I would like to announce now that I am over the depressing stage, cheering myself up by listening to a little Busted, maybe not the coolest band in the world but hey at least they don't play sad songs.

(Just like to say thanks to all those who have been listening to me moaning on - you guys know who you are, thanks).

It's been an interesting weekend and hopefully from now on things in my life won't be so topsy turvey and I'll have lots of happy cheery posts to make in the future.

So on that note I am going to go and eat something

Lauren :)

Friday, September 17, 2004

Reasons why I rule


Having recently been forced to start my own blog, it was decided that i had to assert why I rule as my first post. So here goes...

Reasons why I rule:

  1. I'm blonde (at the moment)

  2. I'm a female Computing Scientist

  3. I know Matt Gemmell (although whether i rule because of this is debatable, matt assures me it does)

  4. Because i only got 14% on the geek test!!!

  5. I'm getting an iPod!

  6. I listen to Thin Lizzy, The Darkness and Van Halen

  7. I also listen to Busted and McFly (this is possibly more important)

  8. I am a huge Portugal football team fan

  9. All the student placement folk at Uni vividly remember "White Top Night"

  10. And indeed "Denim Skirt Night"

  11. Because I don't normally sound this up myself...

Well it has taken me an extremely long time to come up with these few reasons why I rule and in doing so create my first ever blog post, so I may just give up for now.

Night folks, have fun...