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Saturday, January 08, 2005

A Captive of the Elements

I hate rain and I hate wind too. I hate them both, a lot. At the moment they are keeping me captive in Dumfries (plus technically in the house cause it would make my hair go all frizzy).

I tried to leave Dumfries this morning but after a short drive up the A701 ended in huge tailbacks (I'm assuming it was due to a fallen tree), the decision was made to turn back.

On a slight aside note there was a car which on trying to do a 3-point turn had ended up in a ditch and couldn't get back out. God it was funny. I would like to point out that the driver was not a woman, but a man, before people make the "obvious" assumption.

So here I am back in the house with nothing to do apart from chat to Matt on MSN (who I think is trying to work, and I am just a distraction), annoy my little sister (who is trying to re-read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and so I'm not exactly a welcome distraction) and play Chip's Challenge which I downloaded today for the very purpose I had nothing else to do. Got on to level 27, so far.

Anyway back to Uni soon after a complete break from all things Comp Sci, god I needed that....



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