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Thursday, November 25, 2004

A bit of a blonde moment...

Heyo folks,

Another Thursday of "great" lectures AP3, PSD {Philly G stylee} and ALGS3 {Muffy is BACK}. The only highlights are falling asleep in AP3, Phil's "pop" quiz and the fact that the guys got really interested in Computation when Muffy bent over to pick someones pen up...

However the main highlight (although possibly best described as major embarrassment) was in the PSD workshop. Phil started by going over the answers to this mornings "pop" quiz. By question three I was sufficiently depressed by the fact that I knew nothing and had rested my head on one hand. I suppose to the now legendary Philly G it may have looked like I was trying to answer his question - I wasn't. Queue him pointing at me, and me thinking it was probably someone else and looking behind me, to get my attention he goes:
"You with the lovely straw coloured hair"
The whole class erupts into laughter, and then to make everything ten times worse I got the question wrong. Classic.

A great moment but maybe one I wish had happened to someone else.... :)



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