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Tuesday, November 09, 2004


So I think the effects of third year Comp Sci have finally gotten to me, my geek rating has probably sky rocketed (and no I'm not redoing the test to check) a few things over the last couple of days have only proved this to me.

While sitting in the QM this lunch time as usual with Matt, I sort of got thinking about how much we were probably annoying other people. You know there is always that one couple sitting at a table looking "loved up" and I normally have to admit that I hate them. At the moment it seems less of a problem for me - I have no idea why :)

Anyway I mentioned this to Matt and somehow we got on to the conversation about how people may have names for us: like Annoying-Couple-who-sit-in-the-food-factory (my suggestion) and couple.dcs.gla.ac.uk (Matt's non-surprisingly). So we sat there laughing at this (and sorry for any non-CompSci folk reading this I'm sure it's extremely dull and pointless) we thought about how we are TOTALLY the compsci couple (at undergrad level at least) and how we should get t-shirts to celebrate this fact so




matching t-shirts, what do you think?

Lauren xx


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