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Monday, October 18, 2004

The best laid plans

After not getting any work done this weekend (thanks Ali for the great dinner on Sat night) I thought I would rectify this by going in early to the lab. Sitting there at 10.10 I get a phonecall from my flatmate. Ten minutes later i am back in my flat watching the rain fall in my kitchen.

I mean pour down the walls and drip off the light fittings. I had the joys of trying to switch the water off, trying to unscrew stuff while being rained on by water from an undisclosed source which smelt "funny" is not fun at all. After switching the water off made no noticable difference at all - I phoned the plumber.

The man was possibly the most annoying person I had ever spoken to, he seemed to find my plight funny and what's worse kept saying "calm down love it's only water". However by far his "funniest" comment was when I asked when he could come and try and fix the problem.

"Is tomorrow morning ok?"

Before I started screaming at him down the phone, he said "Don't worry I'll be round ASAP."

Ha bloody ha, some sense of humor on that bloke.

The only good thing is that he was actually round within 10 minutes, turning out to be just as annoying in the flesh as he was on the phone. The problem turned out to be the old women on the third floor flooding her washing machine, so no need for a plumber and I still managed to make it in to be only 5 minutes late for my 11 o'clock PSD lecture.

So really it may have managed to waste what could have been a complete mornings work, but only 50 minutes to get back to the flat phone a plumber, them to turn up, isolate the problem and then leave I think is pretty damn good going.



  • At 9:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That is good - last year we had that in the bathroom. Just you know how lucky you are that water was not from the drain pipe (the smell made me about 95% sure which one). The people upstairs did some DIY. Il leave it up to you to make up the rest of the story. Took a month for the smell to go away.

    Il state again tho - 50 mins for all that is good :)

  • At 11:36 pm, Blogger Iain Simpson said…

    You can imagine why a plumber would be chirpy about getting a phone call from someone with water pouring from their ceiling: chi-ching!

    He was probably so happy, because he was thinking of the potential number of zeros that he could add to bill that he was going to give you.

    Anyway, just as well it's nothing wrong with your flat, though it might be worth getting the plug sockets and such investigated by an electrician, incase water was running down between the walls, and got into the back of them.

  • At 9:32 am, Blogger Lauren said…

    Yeah did I forget to mention the plumbers leaving words to me?

    "Hey there may be water in your electrical sockets. Leave them for a day, if when you switch them on they make a funny noise or start sparking switch them back off and call and electrician."

    Think i'll be living in darkness for a bit then....

  • At 9:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I had that, yes its scary - had to pull the fuse out for the bathroom as it was fizzing even with the switches off. God damn those extractor fans!



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