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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

'Tis the season

Now in even saying this I have already broken my own rule, on this (unfortunately now upon us) Season.

I believe whole heartedly that there should be no work up to Christmas until the 4th of December.

    No Christmas Adverts on TV
    No Christmas Decorations in shops
    No Christmas songs in shops/radio/TV/full stop
    No Christmas Shopping

The only possible exceptions to the no Christmas Early rule is Mince Pies (I had my first of the season, on Monday and it was damn good too) and christmas outfit shopping. Girls you know what I mean, you need time to prepare your Christmas wardrobe for cold nights and lots of partying.

Personally I decided when the adverts on TV started this year to not go to any shop that had started the hype this early, so far I can not go to : Woolworths, Argos, Index, Curries (although these are bad all year round), Iceland, Boots (plus the fact that their adverts are especially bad - even for Christmas adverts...), Marks and Spencers and Virgin Megastores.

Now don't get me wrong I love Christmas, but before December it's just plain ridculous.



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